2017 Tournament Schedules

6th Lower Division
All Divisions
Game Day Date Time Opponents Opponents Next Game
1FRI24-NOV10:00 AMOLVSt. Thomas MooreW6 - L7
2FRI24-NOV11:00 AMWest PortalPresidioW5 - L8
3FRI24-NOV12:00 PMSt. DunstanSt. Peter's PacificaW5 - L8
4FRI24-NOV1:00 PMSt. CeciliaSt. GregoryW6 - L7
5FRI24-NOV2:00 PMW2W3W12 - L11
6FRI24-NOV3:00 PMW1W4W12 - L11
7FRI24-NOV4:00 PML1L4W10 - L9
8FRI24-NOV5:00 PML2L3W10 - L9
9SAT25-NOV9:00 AML7L8Friendship
10SAT25-NOV10:00 AMW7W8Consolation
11SAT25-NOV11:00 AML5L63rd / 4th Place
12SAT25-NOV12:00 PMW5W6Championship
All games played at Kezar Pavilion – 755 Stanyan St. , SF.

Tournament Rules:
  1. Four (4) Six (6) minute quarters.
  2. Five (5) full timeouts per game.
  3. No press with 20 point lead –defense must then be played behind the designated press line.
  4. Running clock at 25 point lead
  5. Free substitution is allowed.
  6. Five (5) minute warm-up period between games.
  7. Non-appearance forfeit - if a team does not appear for a scheduled tournament game, they will be withdrawn from further
    tournament competition and not invited to the tournament the following year.
  8. The bonus and double bonus provisions of current NFHS rules will be played.
  9. Three (3) team unsportsmanlike technical fouls will result in forfeiture. Player or Coach receiving one (1) unsportsmanlike
    technical foul may be ejected and or suspended for (1) future game. Player or Coach receiving two (2) unsportsmanlike technical
    fouls will be ejected and suspended for the remainder of the tournament.
  10. Clock; the clock stops on substitutions, timeouts, and shooting fouls. Also, the clock will stop on every whistle in the last ten (10)
    seconds of the first (3) quarters, the last two (2) minutes of the 4th quarter, and in overtime.
  11. There three (3) point shots.
  12. Overtime is three (3) minutes. If the game is still tied after this overtime period, sudden victory will occur. The first team to
    score two (2) points will be the winner.
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